tiny treasures

One day last year I woke up and realized that despite photography being one of my revenue streams, I was falling out of the habit of seeing when I wasn't on the job. You know what I mean -- not just the scanning that we do with our eyes while we're on the road, or the way we glance at headlines on our electronic devices. I mean the kind of looking that results in noticing the way light plays off the tips of grass in a field, or how baby wolf spiders newly emerged from their sac climb on their mother's back. Or even the way a setting sun tints your partner's face gold. Sure, that's part of the job, and when you're on the job, you're aware of it. But what about when you have some free time, when you're hiking or taking your dog for a walk? How many of us really take the time then to see the things we might otherwise miss? So, I decided to make an effort to open my eyes even when I'm not working, especially to the small, natural treasures that surround us. This is one of the gems I spotted during a walk last fall at the Bob Jones Nature Center & Preserve in Southlake, Texas.

Hiding in plain sight.jpg