anole on iron planter

When I was working full time as a photojournalist, many assignments were of the hurry-up-and-wait type. Political conventions, international dignitary visits, papal visits to other countries, even local civic meetings -- all required that photographers show up early enough to get a prime spot and then wait for something to happen that was worth photographing. Such events were opportunities to practice patience. These days my clients are corporations, non-profits and individuals whose needs are different from the kind of photography I did in the media. But I still find that patience helps me look past the obvious shots and change positions to better frame my subject, to wait a few seconds for a better moment to capture in the frame, or to move on to an alternate location for a different setting altogether. It also helps when I turn the camera on the wildlife in my back yard, as in the case of this anole. Anoles are plentiful in North Texas and a lot of fun to watch as they hunt for insects. This image was made one early evening in mid-March as I followed a pair of anoles eyeing each other and displaying dewlaps at one another on an iron planter. For a couple of other shots of them, check out my small things gallery.

Anole four.jpg